The Totally True Story of Scott Paul

The Totally True Story of Scott Paul is the (fictional) biography of the Utah-based tech founder turned angel investor turned crypto enthusiast Scott Paul that takes place at the intersection of the metaverse and Mormonism.

I published the prologue in December of 2021. For every additional 0.25 ETH I raise I will write another chapter.

Anyone can back the project at any amount, ultimately contributing to that 0.25 threshold, but there is an additional benefit for those who want to pay for the whole chapter themselves: For 0.25 ETH they can purchase one of the chapters as an NFT. New chapters will publish on Wednesdays as they are funded.

If the entire book gets funded, I will mint the finished manuscript as an NFT via Mirror and sell it at auction, with each backer earning proceeds relative to their proportional share.

Table of Contents

Next steps:

Now that my project has been funded, I’m working on setting up an auction where the entire work can be purchased as an NFT for creative use, with the auction benefitting the backers of this project. Stay tuned February of 2022!

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Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.